How TriMas Packaging has been restructured

Dispensers and closures manufacturer TriMas Packaging has undergone a global restructure to better reflect its product offering.

The US-headquartered company has reorganised its Rieke, Taplast, Affaba & Ferrari, Plastic, and Rapak brands into three main product categories – dispensing systems, closures, and flexibles.

The reorganisation will ensure a consistent customer experience and product offering across all markets and regions globally, TriMas said.

It expected customers to benefit from the shift towards to a product-focused structure by having access to a team of subject-matter experts in all markets.

The new and enhanced structure results in an agile organisation that ensures specific customer needs are identified at a very early stage, said Fabio Salik, president of TriMas Packaging.

“With our new structure, we ensure that our product and industry experts are even closer to our customers,” Salik explained.

“Our customers benefit from a consistent brand experience, access to industry experts and the fast delivery of innovations to help them improve their market position.”

The restructure coincided with the news that the TriMas-owned Rieke brand has commercialised its patented Mono-2e pump, a six-part PP dispenser pump that is fully recyclable.

Currently in production, TriMas said the Mono-2e is the first dispenser pump on the market made from one polymer grade resin, making it more easily recycled, without sorting or separation.

After proving production robustness, it has become commercially available for customers serving beauty, personal care, and other end markets.

“Our goal was to deliver a dispensing pump designed to facilitate the recycling process, making it easy for consumers by eliminating the metal spring and reducing the number of materials used,” Salik said.

“We are also working on developing additional dispensing products made from a single-material without compromising quality, aesthetics, performance or formula compatibility.

“We look forward to launching our newest pump, which is currently in advanced stages of testing, under the brand Singolo.”

The Mono-2e is e-commerce ready, minimising the risk of leakage during shipping, and is ISTA 6- Amazon compliant, TriMas said.