French company Competek is providing Sidel’s Starlite base solution together with its own Supervent technology, in order to allow OEMs to produce greener bottles without changing the entire production line or modifying bottle design.

Created by the collaboration between PET Engineering and COMEP, Competek’s service allows for the production of a lightweight bottle with a saving of up to 1g for 500ml, and 2g for a 1.5-litre bottle.

Available for both flat and carbonated products, Sidel’s Starlite helps reduce the weight of the bottle by increasing the bottle’s resistance and stability once palletised.

Competek’s Supervent uses a system of vents to improve the release of air, therefore reducing the pressure required for blow moulding and ensuring energy savings. It is also compatible with 100 per cent recycled materials.

According to the licensing agreement, Competek will now be able to provide Starlite to all PET bottle manufacturers, whatever the brand of blow mould. Competek claims that material savings of between €1 and €2 ($1-2.40) for every 1,000 bottles manufactured are possible, along with a reduction of 2.4-4.8kg of carbon dioxide.