The electric Wintec e-win series utilises servo-electric movements and comes with clamping forces between 55 and 310 US tons

Wintec, the China-based subsidiary of Austrian injection moulding machinery maker Engel Group, is expanding its distribution outside of Asia into the US, Canadian, Mexican and Brazilian markets.

Dr Christoph Steger, chief strategy officer for Engel, explained that in addition to sophisticated applications that require tailor-made injection moulding solutions, the company is seeing a strong demand in America for injection moulding machines that handle standard applications.

“This is precisely the market segment in which Wintec is at home. By expanding the sales area to the American markets, as the Engel Group we can provide tailored solutions at an attractive price/performance ratio.”

Wintec machines are used for high-volume, single-component injection moulding, which may not require special technologies but still places high demands on quality and process consistency, explains the company. Machines are delivered preconfigured.

All machines are manufactured in the company’s Changzhou, China facility. The company offers both hydraulic and electric machines and sales will start in the American market in May.