Emerson has added the Branson 2000Xc 40kHz Micro Actuator to its series of ultrasonic assembly systems, which it says is suitable for space limited and compact welding applications.

At a size of 70mm wide by 660mm high, the compact Micro Actuator can be used in thermoplastics for packaging and offers process controls and weld data to meet the global compliance, traceability and security needs of the medical and electronics markets. 

The technology locks in the welding process with electronic welder settings, password protection, and ethernet connectivity. 

Robert Halbert, product manager at Emerson, said, “The new Branson 2000Xc Micro Actuator responds to customers’ needs for a global product that will give them the benefit of doing more in less space, with the ability for increased process control and precise weld quality.”

More information from Emerson, 41 Eagle Road, Commerce Park, Danbury, USA. Tel: 1 203 796 0400. Email: branson.info@emerson.com. Web: emerson.com/bransonultrasonics.com