An inline weight measurement system for flexible laminate production has been launched by Henkel that is said to improve quality and reduce time and material waste. Lioscan is designed for reactive polyurethane (PUR)-based adhesive systems and coatings.

Lioscan has an automatically oscillating infrared sensor moving sideways without any contact with the material. It is said to detect the isocyanate content for coating weight measurement precision at a high speed. It is suitable for various film types, such as transparent, printed or metallised substrates and aluminium.

The system’s touch screen informs the operator about the coating weight across the film without stopping the machine. Any deviation from the specified coating weight is immediately detected while setting off an acoustic and visual alarm.

Technical key account manager, Andreas Wenzlaff, says: “One per cent waste avoidance of the global flexible packaging industry output equals a film the length of more than 70 times around the planet. Thus, Lioscan also helps our clients to meet their sustainability goals by significantly reducing material waste, as well as providing our customers with the ability to constantly monitor the coating weight in real time.”

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