Germany’s Webomatic has launched the shrink tank ST 60 for medium production volumes of vacuum bags. 

The company presented the machine at a recent meat industry exhibition in Frankfurt, where it featured a duoMAT 650 double chamber system and the FKT 800 bag filling device, which creates a small, complete production line for craft businesses. 

Webomatic has also extended its Single Cavity Control (SCC) for tray sealers across all automatic tray sealers, enabling each cavity to be controlled separately so that there need be no downtime if one cavity develops a fault.

Elsewhere, the company has introduced a quick-changeover device, which it demonstrated on the entry-level thermoformer ML-C 2600. This device enables the sealing plates to be changed quickly with minimum machine downtime. It is said to save time with just two format changes per shift.

Another innovation available for all thermoforming machines is the integrated gas-mixing function, which can be operated via the PLC control unit. This eliminates the need for an external gas mixer, as the supply of gases for MAP packaging is intelligently controlled via the thermoformer. 

On the subject of new types of packaging, the semi-automatic TL 250 tray sealer was used as an example to demonstrate the Peelpaq application: a MAP variant that additionally saves up to 20 per cent on plastics materials and packaging weight thanks to the lid integrated with the tray, claims Webomatic.  

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