Water deal for Wet Holdings

Masef's Mark Newby and Wet Holding's Paul Gerrard and Mel Ragnauth

Wet Holdings (Global) has partnered with waste-to-energy company Masef to turn millions of litres of water from a source in Derbyshire, UK, into “super-premium” alkaline drinking water.

The deal will see Wet install its Activated Enhancement System (AES) system, a water enhancement technology that the company claims removes pollutants – including microplastics – from simple water, to convert millions of gallons of source water into super-premium alkaline water.

Distribution of the water is scheduled to begin in October 2019 once Masef has completed the construction of a Tetra Pak production line: a move that guarantees all bottled water packaging used can be recycled.

The announcement comes after Wet demonstrated the capabilities of its AES system at this week’s 2019 UK Bottled Water Conference in London. It also follows another significant deal for the company, which will see Wet install its technology at a major bottling company that serves customers across the breadth of the US.

“There have been a lot of misconceptions in the industry that we would need to make the impossible, possible, in order to make it commercially viable for simple water, or even mine water, to be turned into super-premium alkaline water,” said Paul Gerrard, chief executive of Wet Holdings. “Importantly, the Wet AES system does this without the use of expensive chemicals to keep the water alkaline rich – even after adding flavourings or carbon dioxide.”