Ultra-clear tubes with added depth

India’s Uflex has launched a range of multi-layered flexible laminate tubes that satisfy the need for aesthetics, barrier properties and anti-counterfeit security. Flexi-Tubes are available with 360-degree printing, high-definition graphics, metallic effects, electron beam (EBM) coating for ultra-high gloss and branding from shoulder to crimp.

The converter believes that its ability to offer customised barrier properties provides much greater flexibility than the traditional three-tier laminate tube structure comprising PE/aluminium foil/PE. Uflex can offer a combination of polyester, metallised polyester, holographic metallised polyester; aluminium foil; EVOH/Nylon; and AlOx coated transparent barrier substrates. 

The company’s latest OPTIKA range uses ultra-clear PE as the innermost substrate to enhance the Flexi-Tube. The optical illusion created by printing inside the tube gives distinct visual effects as the gel/liquid contents are consumed over a period of time. 

More information from Uflex, A- 107-108, Sector – IV, Noida – 201301, India. Tel: 91 120 401 2345. Email: enquiry@uflexltd.com. Web: uflexltd.com