The SK60/31 MAB MDR TAP closure system made by Bericap is claimed to be a time-saving capping system that fits most DIN 60 necks and simplifies the use of tap closures without contamination.

While the usual DIN 60 tap closures on the market are only ready to use after four complicated steps are performed – unscrew, drill to access the orifice, re-screw and screw-in the tap – making them relatively inconvenient, unclean and complicated, Bericap’s system requires one step. It is no longer necessary to remove the closure to apply the tap, and no additional tools are required.

The protective membrane breaks without falling into the product when the tap is applied. Since the closure does not come into contact with any other items such as a drill, the closure and the product remains clean and hygienic.

The closure is suitable for most DIN 60 neck finishes and since it is also possible to use it as a standard closure, it can be considered a two-in-one closure. Furthermore, a tamper-evidence band is included.

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