Provider of liquid colour management, Riverdale Global has introduced free software that uses real-time data to automate customer purchasing, production management and compliance functions.
Called the GlobalTracker, the liquid colour tracking system makes it possible to troubleshoot remotely.
Transmission boxes at the plant receive data from the controllers and transmit it to Riverdale Global over the internet or cellular network. The software tracks material usage and records job-specific data such as operator ID, work order, lot number, and colour ID. This capability extends to all production lines and customers can access information using any device.
“GlobalTracker software records data from multiple moulding or extrusion lines and puts it to work, streamlining such job functions as production management, order entry, and colour matching,” said Paul Maguire, president of Riverdale Global. “In addition, because our colour matching operation is automated and computer controlled, with lot numbers for traceability, GlobalTracker puts an end to the paper chase involved in documenting compliance.”
Other features include obtaining information on invoiced and paid orders, searching order history by production job, checking colour match status and submitting new colour matches.
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