Norwegian dairy company Tine is to invest €77 million ($90m) in a dairy facility with
the capacity to produce 20,000 tonnes of its Jarlsberg cheese product annually. The aim with the construction project is to consolidate and strengthen sales outside of its home country.

“Jarlsberg for the Norwegian market will continue to be produced in
Norway from Norwegian milk. Now we have put together a solution that is ready for
the future, and will implement the project of consolidating and increasing sales of
Jarlsberg outside of Norway,” said Hanne Refsholt, chief executive of Tine.

He continued: “Tine has assessed various options for export without subsidies, and
concluded that exporting from Norway in today’s market situation would not be
profitable in any way. It is important for Tine to look after the values Norwegian
farmers have built up internationally.”

The new facility will rent a number of facilities together with Dairygold, such as
heating, water and electricity, as well as waste water treatment.