Witt-Gasetechnik’s water-based leak detection system, the Leak Master Easy, is now available with a more compact chamber for the detection of leaks in packaging and components with mixed dimensions.
The manufacturer of gas-related equipment offers six different chamber sizes, designed to detect leaks in packaged foods, pharmaceutical products and electronic components, such as lighting units in the automobile industry.
The method involves placing the test sample in the water-filled chamber where compressed air is used to evacuate the air space above the water level. Resulting vacuum enables leaking air to escape and bubble up to the top of the chamber.
The new chamber has a volume almost ten litres less than the previous standard chamber, but with an identical footprint. An electronic control is operated using a touchscreen which allows the user to log, record and forward all detection test results.
Product manager Michael Kallweit explained that customer feedback was important: “Customers wanted a flatter chamber that requires less water. The new chamber needs approximately one third less water, is quicker to fill and empty and easier to clean.”
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