Packaging converter RPC Bebo Plastik has installed a multilayer extrusion line supplied by Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating (CSC) at its Bremervörde plant in Germany for the production of barrier films.

The nine-layer line is used to manufacture packaging with aroma protection, such as coffee capsules. It features patented mechatronic polishing stacks technology, which Reifenhäuser CSC claims provides good reproducibility.

All line settings are saved using a recipe management system, meaning that time-consuming reconfigurations due to frequent product or colour changes can be eliminated.

For film manufacturers such as RPC Bebo Plastik, the reduction of raw material costs is of prime concern, and Reifenhäuser CSC’s REIcofeed 2.2 co-extrusion feedblock is said to meet that requirement. An internal encapsulation device replaces barrier raw materials and tie resin at the edges with inexpensive ground stock without an additional extruder being required, which saves space. This is an advantage as regards efficiency, as film manufacturers consume less energy and raw materials.

Lars Bergheim, regional sales manager at Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating, added: “The further development of Reifenhäuser’s technology allows the barrier and tie resin layers to be optimally distributed across the width, while the entire composite film has very good individual thickness tolerances. This results in a high degree of raw material efficiency.”

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