Thai dairy group installs machines for combiblocMini cartons

Thailand’s state-run dairy group Dairy Farming Promotion Organisation of Thailand (DPO) has expanded its production capacity at Muaklek with the installation of three CFA 124 high-speed filling machines from SIG Combibloc.

Each machine can aseptically fill up to 24,000 carton packs an hour, which will be used to fill Thai-Danish branded milk products in combiblocMini 12.5cl and 20cl carton packs.

The Centre was established by a cooperation between the Thai and Danish governments, with the aim of developing Thailand’s dairy industry. This involved bringing dairy cows into the country, training dairy farmers, constructing farm buildings, providing modern production and processing technologies, and creating a market for processed milk and dairy products. In 1971, this organisation was taken over by the Thai government, and since then has been operated under the name DPO.

DPO operates four large dairies, where UHT milk is produced. These are DPO Sukhothai in north Thailand, DPO Khon Kaen in the north-east, DPO Muaklelk in the centre, and DPO Pranburi in the south. The former plant already runs three CFA 124 machines for filling combiblocMini and a CFA 712 for combiblocSmall carton packs.

Somporn Srimuang, head of DPO Muaklek, said: “The new machines will help us achieve our goal of increasing the 250 tonnes of raw milk per day that we currently process in Muaklek to 450 tonnes a day in the next three years.”

All volumes of 12.5cl, 15cl, 18cl, 20cl and 25cl can be filled using a single filling machine.