A Chinese food company has become the first to trial the Tetra Fino aseptic 100 Ultra MiM package, which claims to offer an opportunity for the production of liquid dairy and juice drinks using existing production processes, whilst still marketing them as ice creams and frozen products.

Tetra Pak’s package allows dairy and juice drinks to be produced and distributed in
small carton pouches at room temperatures and then turned into frozen products in shops
or in a consumer’s home. The company says this will allow firms, such as China’s Want Want, to join the ice cream market without the need for additional investment in production equipment and chilled distribution systems.

General manager of the Ice Product business unit at Want Want, Wang Jin Ping, said: “We
announced these new products to our distributors in early September. The
response has been extremely positive because these products meet the needs of
both parents and children. Parents can be reassured of the nutritional values of
the product because it is their trusted Want Want flavoured milk without any
preservatives, while children will be happy to enjoy these frozen treats because
they are fun and tasty.”

It can be produced on the A1 Tetra Pak filling machine platform with a pre-
applied opening using micro injection moulding technology.