Electronics manufacturer Double E Company has designed an accumulator that utilises Siemens’ closed-loop tension control system to save on materials and cost.

The Solis Accumulator delivers stored material whenever part of a production process stops, while the balance of the line continues operation.

Product manager Michael McCallum explained: “We needed to construct a multi-axis system that could handle all the accumulation functions without the need for a separate PLC. Waste, delays and stoppages were creating problems.”

The system has its own tension zone by a servo-driven infeed roller system and an outfeed pneumatic dancer roller. Web guiding is integrated, while the festoon storage features are controlled by geared servo motors. 

There are interlocked guards with emergency stops for safety and a touch panel HMI is used to directly connect to the machine. In “sleep mode” the system runs at a lower power consumption level.   

McCallum added: “Using the HMI opens other market application opportunities since the products from Siemens are standard and we can essentially plug and play many components, including motors, drives, and gear motors.”

More information from Double E Company, 319 Manley Street, Bridgewater, 02379, MA, USA. Tel: 1 508 588 8099. Email : info@ee-co.com. Web: ee-co.com.

Siemens Digital Factory, Factory Automation, 5300, Triangle Parkway, Norcross, GA, USA 30092. Tel: 1 770 871 3848. Web: siemens.com.