High laydown technology (HL) launched by Inkjet technology firm Xaar is said to bring extra value to labelling and is available for printing on a range of textured effects on labels, folding cartons and products.

High-build, textured effects such as tactile or dimensional properties, can also be used with the technology to enhance the shelf appeal of products.

When incorporated into the Xaar 1003 and 2001+ print heads, HL can be used to print very high weights of UV clear varnish, even at high speeds. The Xaar 1003 GS12U can print an 80-micron layer at 25 metres per minute line speed, or a 50-micron layer at 50 metres a minute, in a single pass, thereby building in texture as part of the print process.

The texture then provides a raised effect that transforms standard labels and folding cartons into high-value packaging for products that can command a premium. A recent InfoTrends study found that print buyers are willing to pay up to 89 per cent more for textured effects compared to standard CMYK-only work.

Gerard Winn, senior product manager at Xaar, said: “HL Technology adds a new capability to this very successful product range. With minimal work, OEMs can upgrade their existing presses to incorporate the latest technology, and make textured labels and folding cartons much more accessible and affordable for print shops and therefore for their customers too.”

More information from Xaar Headquarters, 316 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Rd, Cambridge CB4 0XR, UK. Tel: 44 1223 423 663. Email: info@xaar.com Web: www.xaar.com