An automatic co-extrusion lamination machine has been launched by India’s Uflex that seeks to take advantage of the benefits of extrusion lamination over adhesive lamination.
President of the company’s engineering business, Ajay Tandon, said: “Co-extruders are gaining traction. They economise on cost and enhance barrier properties owing to multilayered combination. Tandem extruder is also being developed in single run for saving time.”
The machine is said to provide benefits including lamination speeds of 300m/min, easier integration into packaging extrusion and lamination lines, independent drives for all segments of the machine, three axis movement for air gap setting, and T-die with internal ducking and lip opening up to 1mm.
Tandon added: “This machine comes with a back-pressure control system, which manages polymers of different MFI (Melt Flow Index) so as to maintain the homogeneity of the extrudate.
“The co-extruder combined with a suitable feed block enables the converter to alter the polymeric combination for the three-layered extrudate dropping. We shall enhance the speed to 350m/min and subsequently to 400m/min.”
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