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Milacron's Bruce Catoen says that his company can expand MuCell technology into new and untapped markets

Milacron and Trexel confirm MuCell deal

Milacron LLC has announced a partnership with Trexel Inc to allow the former to incorporate MuCell Microcellular foaming technology into its injection moulding equipment.

PSI is free to continue selling its current CSC-BF design

PSI prevails in patent infringement lawsuit

PSI-Polymer Systems has reached an out of court settlement with Nordson PPS GmbH on a patent conflict originally filed by Kreyenborg GmbH against PSI in 2012. The original lawsuit alleged that PSI's CSC-BF Continuous Backflush Screen Changers infringed Kreyenborg's patents.


European packaging manufacturer Faerch Plast has launched a new product that it describes as 'the world’s first ovenable CPET skin pack' for meat and poultry. The development allows consumers to cook products in an oven or microwave without removing the packaging.

Coca-Cola is keen to crack the technology that will make 100 per cent plant-based PET possible

PlantBottle pursuit picks up with investment

Coca-Cola is stepping up its pursuit of a 100 per cent plant-based PET bottle with an additional investment in Virent's development and commercialisation of bio-based paraxylene (PX).

Foamed PET bottle technology is one of the areas that PTI and Toyo Seikan will work together on

US alliance for Japan’s Toyo Seikan

Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) has entered into an agreement with Japan's Toyo Seikan to act as its exclusive US agent, responsible for the sale and licensing of several new Toyo Seikan PET bottle processing technologies for packaging applications.

ThermoWhey to go

A two-year research project to develop a bio-based thermoformable barrier coating in the packaging sector has been launched by a consortium in Germany.

Work continues into dairy BIOBOTTLE

The Technological Institute of Plastic (AIMPLAS) in Spain is coordinating the research carried out by seven companies and technological centres since last May, which seeks to obtain a biodegradable thermally resistant plastic for the manufacture of dairy product packaging.

Titanium is catalyst for change

Catalytic Technologies (CTL) has won the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2014 for its titanium catalyst technology, which eliminates the use of the heavy metal catalyst antimony oxide in PET production.

EFI broadens packaging portfolio

EFI has broadened its packaging technology portfolio with the acquisition of Group Rhapso, a printing and packaging software solutions developer based in Les Ulis, France.

Rapid response for the West Coast

West Coast processors in North America will now have improved access to local, off-site product inspection and anomaly screening, after Thermo Fisher Scientific built a facility in Sunnyvale, California, to assist in addressing food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers' safety and quality concerns.

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