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Krones signs up as LiquiForm development partner

Filling and packaging equipment supplier Krones has entered into a technology licensing agreement with The LiquiForm Group to further develop and commercialise the latter's...

Milacron patent lawsuit settled

Milacron and Mid-America Machining have jointly announced that they have resolved and settled a patent lawsuit concerning blow moulded plastic dairy containers, with the specific terms of settlement remaining confidential.

PET replaces glass at AriZona Beverages

Plastipak has partnered with AriZona Beverages to commercialise the first ThermoShape system in the US.

Faerch Plast develops ovenable package

Faerch Plast and Colpac have developed an ovenable pack design for a food-to-go range by UK supermarket Tesco.

Sorting technology spots signatures

The Bühler Group has developed a sorting technology that is able to identify same-colour polymer contaminants by analysing their chemical signatures. 

Dow and Nordmeccanica announce lamination technology

Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics and Nordmeccanica is set to launch a lamination technology that uses both adhesive and machinery hardware advancements.

Faerch Plast gains European patent

Plastics packaging manufacturer Faerch Plast has been granted a European patent for its Mapet II recyclable mono material for meat and fish products.

PEF potential opened up by AVA-CO2

Biochemistry company AVA-CO2 has developed its water-based 5-Hydroxymethyfurfural (5-HMF) for use with different solvents that are tailored to the oxidation processes for producing 2,5-Furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA) on an industrial scale. This enables a more flexible implementation of industrial 5-HMF and FDCA production and paves the way for the use of polyethylene furanoate (PEF) in applications such as bottles or films for food packaging.

SIG Combibloc packs become interactive

SIG Combibloc has formed a partnership with augmented reality (AR) developer Zappar, in which it will turn carton packs into interactive and engaging experiences for the consumer.

Danish converter mixes it up

RPC Promens Consumer Nordics has developed a one-litre milk bottle made entirely from a non oil-based bio polymer produced from sugar cane and mixed with special mineral filler, a feature the Danish company claims is the first on the European market.

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