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Biodegradables not helping the oceans

The adoption of products labelled 'biodegradable' will not significantly lower the volume of plastics entering the ocean and the problems that stem from it, according to a United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) report.

Animation highlights plastics recycling

UK plastics association Pledge 4 Plastics has produced an animation that showcases the various ways in which plastics packaging can be recycled, with the aim to give consumers a consistent message and to clear up any confusion with regards to recyclability.

Let the annual plastic PRN poker game commence, says Recoup

Recycling: High stakes and cash plays

The chief executive of UK-based recycling organisation Recoup has stated that "the unnecessary annual game of plastics PRN (Packaging Recovery Notes) poker between the sellers and buyers will commence now that third quarter 2015 data has been published".

European Bioplastics slams greenwashing

The European association representing the bioplastics value chain has asked all producers of additives claiming to make conventional plastics biodegradable to fully comply with the standard EN 13432, or to cease misleading references.

WRAP begins recycling campaign

UK environmental charity WRAP has launched a campaign entitled ‘Recycle Plastic – Fantastic!’ that aims to educate consumers about recycling plastics packaging.

P&G makes big PCR play

Consumer product group Procter & Gamble (P&G) has launched an environmental initiative that will see 230 million bottles — including those used for its brands such as Ariel, Dash and Lenor — made using post-consumer recyclate, as part of a strategy to increase the company’s sustainability.

DSM completes upgrade

Dutch life sciences and material sciences company Royal DSM has completed a five-year long upgrade of its engineering plastics facility in Emmen, The Netherlands in order to increase the company’s sustainability.

PlasticsEurope calls for landfill action

A call for a restriction on the landfill of all recyclable and recoverable waste in the EU has been made by PlasticsEurope following the publication of a report that includes recommendations on resource efficiency and moves towards a circular economy by Member of the European Parliament Sirpa Pietikäinen.

Sustainable biotechnology programme begins

UK-based plastics developer Biome Bioplastics has started a £3 million ($4.5m) three-year development programme designed to progress bio-based chemicals research through to industrial-scale production.

Product life one day at a time

The UK's Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has estimated that an increase of just one day on product life across a range of foods, could prevent around 250,000 tonnes of food waste each year in households and the supply chain.

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