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Pork producer plays on PVC pitfalls

UK-based food manufacturer Tulip Ltd has underlined its commitment to tackling food waste by signing up to the Waste & Resources Action Programme's (WRAP) Courtauld Commitment 3 and has announced plans to stop the use of PVC in all of its packaging by early 2015.

European PET recycling continues to grow

The recycling of PET is continuing to grow across Europe, with around 65 billion bottles recycled in 2013, claims a report by Belgium-based non-profit trade association Petcore Europe.

PET recycling plant planned for South Africa

A major paper recycler based in South Africa is moving into plastics recycling with the construction of a plant capable of processing about 29,000 tonnes of PET bottles a year.

New Zealand set for food-grade plastics recycling plant

A facility for recycling waste plastics into food-grade material is set to be opened in Lower Hutt, near Wellington, New Zealand, by Flight Plastics.

NGR on a positive recycling tailwind

Austria's Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen (GmbH) has increased its sales from just below €29 million to more than €34m for the financial year ending April 30, 2014.

Bags for landfill not life

Shoppers in the UK are not taking up the offer of a free replacement 'Bag for Life' at supermarkets and are simply discarding them when they start to show signs of wear, a waste management company has found, generating a significant waste of money and resources.

England set to miss EU recycling targets

Government cuts mean that England risks missing its EU recycling targets, the founder of a UK recycling company has warned.

Championing local recycling

Plastics bottle recycler Closed Loop Recycling has unveiled a new initiative during Recycle Week 2014 in the UK as part of its 'We Need Your Bottles' campaign, designed to champion local authorities and the work they do in driving up recycling rates.

England braced for bag charge

The government of England looks set to announce plans for a 5p (8 US cents) levy on so-called 'single-use' plastics carrier bags starting next year, which a British tabloid newspaper claims will reduce the use of plastics bags by three quarters.

UK recycler applauds PERN change

The deputy chairman of UK-based recycler, ECO Plastics, Jonathan Short, has applauded the Environment Agency's (EA) decision to revise the "outdated PERN regime" (Packaging Export Recovery Note) but adds that more work needs to be done.