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Polypropylene testing underway at SIBUR plant

Russian petrochemical company, SIBUR, has started integrated equipment testing at the propylene storage facility and trial production of the first PP line at its Tobolsk-Polymer complex.

The Wesseling, Germany, complex is LyondellBasell's largest manufacturing facility in Europe. Polyolefin products from this site are used to manufacture films, cable and pipe coatings, fuel tanks, injection mouldings and household articles.

LyondellBasell shuts down German HDPE unit

Dutch plastics company LyondellBasell is to shut down a high density polyethylene (HDPE) unit in Wesseling, Germany, in the third quarter of 2013.

Toray enhances Asian plastics film production

Plastics film manufacturer Toray Industries has announced a number of investments in Asia to enhance its vapour deposition facilities for producing food packaging films.

Dow divestiture list tops $1.5 billion

The Dow Chemical Company has announced additional actions to accelerate the company’s ongoing commitment to aggressive portfolio management, as outlined at its Investor Forum in December 2012. As a result of ongoing portfolio reviews in a slow-growth world, Dow is targeting an increased divestiture list of nearly $1.5 billion over the next 18 months.

Russian giant registers polymer subsidiaries

Russian petrochemical giant Sibur has registered subsidiaries in Turkey and Ukraine in order to trade in basic polymers.

Approaches to recycling rewarded by ACC

KW Plastics has received an Innovation in Plastics Recycling award from the American Chemistry Council (ACC) for its pioneering approaches to recycling post-consumer polypropylene packaging.

Inject2blow method reduces time and costs

Italian firm Cantoni and Engel Austria have developed an integrated process called inject2blow, which combines the injection moulding and blow moulding processes to reduce the costs and time associated with the manufacture of cosmetic, drug and food containers.


LyondellBasell has launched a new family of fifth-generation non-phthalate catalysts for polypropylene production.


Max India has sold its biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film business to Germany's Treofan for Rs 540 crore ($97 million) in order to focus on its main business of healthcare services.


Dynamic growth in the use of polypropylene will lead to the resin generating worldwide income of more than US$145 billion in 2019, reports market analyst Ceresana.

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