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Eastman wins Tritan lawsuit and adds tonnage

Eastman Chemical is planning to increase Tritan capacity at its Kingsport, Tennessee facility, from 60,000 to 76,000 tonnes to meet increasing demand for the material.

Eco Plastics' managing director, Jonathan Short (right) demonstrates the company's recycling process to Lord de Mauley

MP visit marks first anniversary for UK recycler

British waste and recycling minister, Lord de Mauley, has taken a tour of the recycled-PET joint venture between Coca-Cola Enterprises (CC) and Eco Plastics in Lincolnshire, UK, to mark the first year of the companies' cooperation.

BPF launches proposal for green economy

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) has launched a proposal that aims ‘To encourage and incentivise the use of recycled plastics in UK manufacturing’.

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