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Infini breaks the billion barrier

Sales of Nampak Plastics' light-weight Infini milk bottle have broken the one billion mark in just over two years.

Nampak trailers go the extra yard

Nampak Plastics Europe's logistics provider Carntyne Transport has increased its fleet of longer semi-trailers by 50 per cent as part of a UK government trial.

Work continues into dairy BIOBOTTLE

The Technological Institute of Plastic (AIMPLAS) in Spain is coordinating the research carried out by seven companies and technological centres since last May, which seeks to obtain a biodegradable thermally resistant plastic for the manufacture of dairy product packaging.

HDPE milk bottle recycling hits 79 per cent

The recycling of HDPE plastics milk bottles has reached an all-time high of 79 per cent, according to Nampak Plastics, making it one of the most recycled products in the UK.

Yoghurt just for men rolled out across Europe

Food group Danone is to extend a yoghurt product line specifically targeted at men into other markets, after a successful launch in Bulgaria in mid-2013.

Fresh fields for Barry-Wehmiller in France

Packaging firm Barry-Wehmiller has acquired Arcil SA, a France-based supplier of packaging technology for the fresh dairy and food industry.

OYSTAR's chief executive, Markus Ehl

The dairy and food world is group’s OYSTAR

The OYSTAR Group has sold its subsidiary, IWK Verpackungstechnik, to the Canadian company ATS Automation Tooling Systems in order to focus more tightly on its Dairy and Food division.

Milk on the move in mobile factory

Dairy company, Arla Foods, has developed a mobile milk powder packaging facility out of three 40ft containers, which will make it easier for the company to test new markets for milk powder in Africa.

Norwegian dairy debuts sugar cane cap

Norwegian dairy, TINE, has become the first in Europe to launch Tetra Pak's bio-based LightCap 30 on the Tetra Brik Aseptic Edge for a range of products.

UK first launched by Nampak Plastics

Nampak Plastics has launched the UK’s first 1.5-litre plastics milk bottle into the convenience sector, as part of a joint project with Müller Wiseman Dairies.

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