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Innovative Plastics disbanded by Sabic

Chemical manufacturer Sabic has announced an overhaul of its global operations, which includes the elimination of its Innovative Plastics strategic business unit, a wholly owned subsidiary founded in September 2007 with the acquisition of GE Plastics.

Product diversity serves Eco Plastics well

The chief executive of Eco Plastics Recycling has stated that the UK-based company will not follow the  route of Euro Closed Loop Recycling, which earlier this week admitted that it was days from closure with losses of more than £300,000 ($460,000) a month.

Euro Closed Loop Recycling could close in a matter of days

UK recycler could close in days

The company formed from the rescue of UK-based bottle recycler Closed Loop Recycling two months ago is on the brink of closure, it has emerged, after the owners released an open letter to stakeholders detailing the business' continued losses.

Amcor heads to Switzerland

Australian packaging business Amcor is set to move a number of corporate jobs from Melbourne to Zurich in Switzerland in order to be closer to the operating businesses of the company.

Finding closure in the Gulf region

France-based Global Closure Systems (GCS) has signed a licensing agreement with plastics packaging manufacturer Duplas in the UAE,  in a bid to target developing markets in the Gulf region.

PET recycler abruptly ceases trading

Micro Green Polymers, a US-based recycled PET cup maker, has stopped its operations despite increasing its output from 400,000 to two million cups per...
Chris Dow has admitted that without government intervention, his company is likely to enter administration

Closed Loop on the brink, admits CEO

The chief executive of Closed Loop Recycling, the UK's biggest plastics milk bottle recycler, has admitted that the company will enter administration without government support.

QP's chief executive, Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, said that his company will conduct feasibility studies to assess utilising the available ethane feedstock

Qatar complex “no longer feasible”

A proposed world-scale petrochemicals complex in Qatar has been shelved after Qatar Petroleum (QP) and Shell decided that it was no longer commercially viable.

Polyester film facility to stop production

Japanese chemical and pharmaceutical company Teijin has announced plans to merge two of its subsidiary Teijin DuPont Films Japan Limited's factories, in a bid to reduce costs and increase production efficiency.

WRAP writes off UK recycler’s debt

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has written off a £1.65 million (US$2.5m) loan to Eco Plastics, which went into pre-pack administration last month after a fall in commodity market and plastic recovery note (PRN) prices and a reduction in forecast demand.

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