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Circular economy drive backed by trade bodies

Three industry trade bodies, Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE), the European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment (Europen) and European Plastics Converters (EuPC), have backed a European waste review proposed yesterday by the European Commission (EC).

England set to miss EU recycling targets

Government cuts mean that England risks missing its EU recycling targets, the founder of a UK recycling company has warned.

Championing local recycling

Plastics bottle recycler Closed Loop Recycling has unveiled a new initiative during Recycle Week 2014 in the UK as part of its 'We Need Your Bottles' campaign, designed to champion local authorities and the work they do in driving up recycling rates.

England braced for bag charge

The government of England looks set to announce plans for a 5p (8 US cents) levy on so-called 'single-use' plastics carrier bags starting next year, which a British tabloid newspaper claims will reduce the use of plastics bags by three quarters.

UK recycler applauds PERN change

The deputy chairman of UK-based recycler, ECO Plastics, Jonathan Short, has applauded the Environment Agency's (EA) decision to revise the "outdated PERN regime" (Packaging Export Recovery Note) but adds that more work needs to be done.

APR supports Recycling Partnership

The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR) in North America has announced its support for the Recycling Partnership, which is a public-private partnership initiative aimed at boosting recycling rates.

Garden of England targets green economy

Recycling company Viridor has started the construction of a £12.5 million ($20.9m) Plastics Recycling Facility (PRF) in Rochester, UK, with Stadler UK responsible for delivering the project.

Closed Loop opens bottle recycling line

UK-based recycler Closed Loop Recycling has opened a new plastics milk bottle recycling line at its Dagenham plant, as part of a £12 million ($20m) investment that the company says will make it the biggest recycler of milk bottles in the world.

Tesco plans switch to plastics to aid the environment

UK supermarket chain Tesco has outlined environmental advantages in a move from its traditional card-pulp egg cartons to recyclable plastics packaging that it plans to introduce in the coming months.

Canadian recycling up, but room for growth

Canadian plastics recyclers have under-utilised capacity, claims The Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA), after reporting that the amount of post-consumer plastics packaging being recycled across the country increased for the third consecutive year.