Sustainable plastics bottles for Suntory Beverage

Suntory Beverage and Food Europe (SBFE) plans to use 100 per cent sustainable plastics bottles within a decade. By 2030, the company wants to use plastics that have been previously used or bio-sourced (plant-based) in order to reach its plastics packaging target.

According to SBFE, embracing existing mechanical recycling processes – and investment in new, innovative technologies like enzymatic recycling and Japanese Flake to Preform processing – will be crucial in helping the company to make the change. SBFE will initially use 50 per cent sustainable plastic packaging (rPET) across primary packaging by 2025.

“Plastics waste is not acceptable – and we are investing to find new and innovative solutions to address this global issue,” said Peter Harding, chief executive of SBFE.

Work has already begun following SBFE’s announcement of a consortium with Carbios, a company pioneering new, bio-industrial solutions to reinvent the lifecycle of plastics and textile polymers.

SBFE is also making its packaging 100 per cent recyclable to enable bottle-to-bottle recycling. Meanwhile, SBFE is to continue to reduce plastics in its supply chain. Initiatives will focus on eliminating plastics waste, further light weighting bottles and exploring alternative materials to replace plastics.