Novastar D 2000 IML bio ink made by Flint Group is a fast oxidative drying series for in-mould labels that is based on renewable raw maerials.

The low–migration sheet-fed ink is oil free and is suitable for printing on metallised paper and other non-absorbent substrates. It offers good colour strength, sharpness, adhesion and scratch resistance, fast oxidative drying and versatility under different temperatures.

Jürgen Riedlinger, director of global product management, sheetfed, said: “Over the last five to six years global production of in-mould labels has grown at around 4 per cent per year, due in part to the ability of the technology to enhance the product visibility and brand identification in the market. There is plenty of room for it to grow more.”

“We recommend customers use our Novastar IML inks with Varn fount AF 4000, dayGraphica  3610 blankets and any of our Varn  anti set-off powders to give consistently good results,” explained Riedlinger.

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