Recycling of PET bottle down in the US

Two more companies have spoken out over the British Chancellor’s call for evidence on single-use plastics this week, with one calling it a broad-brush approach rather than a solution to the issue of waste.

A representative of packaging brand and design firm, Sun Branding Solutions, said: “As an industry, we are responsible for the packaging we produce. We need to design our packaging ‘responsibly’ and what we do produce needs to work with the environments and consumer habits.”

The company highlighted four key areas to reduce waste: Education; infrastructure; responsibility; and lifestyle.

However, waste management firm Suez recovery and recycling UK issued a statement welcoming the government’s review of a single-use plastics tax. David Palmer-Jones, Suez chief executive, mentioned that the suggested tax could be vital towards achieving a more resource-efficient society and may reduce the use of virgin materials in favour of more sustainable, recyclable forms of packaging and products.

“Taxation changes to help the environment need to be part of a wider policy that marries the protection of our precious natural resources with a modern, sustainable, industrial strategy.

“An extended producer responsibility regime should address all forms of  resource usage, materials and packaging production, and their collection, reuse and recycling across the supply chain,” he said.