Enhanced consumer convenience and reduced food waste objective have inspired Norway’s Orkla Group to work with Mondi on the development of a reclosable package for the former’s iconic Vossafar sliced cured meat.

The previous package was not resealable but Orkla ruled out using standard reclosable film on the basis that the pack’s bottom web is flexible. Consumers would not easily be able to align the top film with the bottom web for reclosing.

To solve the problem, Mondi developed a multilayer barrier film for the top web that would resist curling at the temperatures used in Orkla’s thermoforming line. It took more than two years to develop the process, but consumers can now peel the package from the bottom and take the portion they want, before resealing the pack by pressing down on the label.

It enabled Orkla to avoid the use of a rigid bottom web, which is more expensive and would likely require some modification of the production line. The reels are delivered to Orkla with the labels pre-applied.

Mondi is now planning new projects with recloseable labels for vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) packs.

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