A version of the Sidel StarLite family of bottle base designs for carbonated soft drinks (CSD) has been launched. It is said to produce a lighter bottle than existing versions in the beverage market.

Sidel StarLite UltraLight has been designed for highly carbonated beverages with a short distribution networks, and lends itself to CSDs and sparkling water sold in countries with a more temperate climate through discount supply chains, according to Sidel’s packaging expert Laurent Naveau. He says that such supply chains apply regular stock rotation.

“The optimum bottle base design results in a staggering 25 per cent lighter bottle weight compared to a traditional CSD bottle at around 13.5g, contributing as a whole to reduced production costs while maintaining carbonated beverage quality,” adds Naveau.

Whereas a traditional 500ml CSD bottle weighs 13.5g, the StarLite UltraLight CSD has a weight of 10.5g. For a 1.5-litre bottle, the weight is 24g, where a traditional bottle weighs 28g.

The Sidel design features a 26/22 neck finish weighing 2.3g, a thread diameter of 26mm, an inner diameter of 21.7mm, and a height of 13mm. The bottle-neck can be combined with the Novasoda 26/22 one-piece closure supplied by Novembal.

Sidel claims that a 500ml bottle with the new base would provide the producer with PET material savings of about €1.12 million ($1.3m) a year. Meanwhile, a 1.5l bottle would save €1.53m ($1.8m).

Production speeds can reach 2,500 bottles per hour per mould.

More information from Sidel Group, Via la Spezia 241, 43125 Parma, Italy. Tel: 39 0521 999 452. Email: lucia.freschi@sidel.comWeb: sidel.com