A patented base solution called SteadyEDGE has been developed by Sidel that is designed to meet the challenge of producing flat, oval and rectangular containers in PET.

The sharper edges on the package are used to effectively flatten and increase the ‘standing ring’ area of the base. This makes the package stable and prevents unwanted rocking. Sidel claims that SteadyEDGE can increase package stability by up to 35 per cent.

Light-weighting of up to 10 per cent are said to be possible due to improved material stretch in the base, while a reduction in blowing pressure decreases energy consumption by up to 20 per cent.

“It makes it possible to achieve premium-quality containers in PET, with sharper edges that have a radius as little as 1mm, compared to a previous minimum of 2.5mm,” said Pierrick Protais, Sidel’s packaging innovation leader.

Sidel claims that flat containers can be blown at a rate of 1,800 per mould per hour, while 2,000 bottles per hour can be achieved with SteadyEDGE. The base design is achieved using Sidel’s base mould system, Base OverStroke System (BOSS), which is a piston activated in the blowing phase to stroke the base. The mechanical element allows for the raising and lowering of the base during the bottle-forming process independent of the opening and closing of the two half-shells of the mould.

In 2016, PET packages accounted for 29 billion units for food, seven billion units for personal care and eight billion units for home care. These figures are expected to grow by an average of three per cent for all three sectors until 2020.

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