RPC Superfos has revived its 75mm container by offering it with spoon-in-the-lid for desserts and dairy products.
“We have created a lid with a two-piece spoon that matches the popular small diameter typically used for a pot of yoghurt or a chocolate mousse,” said product portfolio manager Rikke Justenborg.
It features a foldable PP spoon and an APET lid with a fine PET seal that can be torn off. This is considered to be an improvement over similar lids that are sealed with aluminium foil, making the spoon hard to find.
Due to its design, the lid does not require instructions which, the company claims, enables them to fully exploit it with branding messages. The lid can be specified in six transparent colours for on-shelf impact.
The height has been minimised to reduce the amount of virgin material being used. The pot – also available in a 95mm-diameter – stacks well both filled and empty.
There is further option to have a combined solution that features both the spoon and topping in the lid, for example muesli.
More information from RPC Superfos Stilling, Industrivej 12, 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark. Tel: 45 8793 5300. Email: stilling@rpc-superfos.com. Web: superfos.com