Puerto Rican converter Alco High-Tech Plastics has added a second Vetaphone corona system to its extrusion plant, three months after installing a first such system by the Danish manufacturer.

The flexible packaging converter’s products include printed and laminated bags, films, stand-up pouches, zip lock products and flexo printed labels, with the majority sold in the domestic market. However, exports are growing to countries including Spain, India, the US and Mexico.

Alco has seven extrusion lines in operation and until last year had only bought American corona systems, explained operational manager Gilberto Nieves.

The first Vetaphone corona system that Alco installed was a two-sided 1.4m wide VE2B-A, which was fitted to a Carnevalli line. 

“It uses significantly less electrical power for the same corona output,” added Nieves. “Vetaphone’s B models are designed for the slower extrusion process and this 1kW system is ideally suited to Alco’s production with its 25m/min operating speed.”

The company recently installed the second Vetaphone system, which again is a VE2B-A model running on a Carnevalli extruder, but this time the machine has limited headroom so the system has a width of 2.2m with 4kW power to run at 60m/min.

Installation of this one proved trickier, as Ted Wolski, Vetaphone’s area sales manager for the Americas, explained: “The limited space dictated another B model to be supplied, as anything larger would just not have fitted under the roofline.”

Alco operates from a 70,000 sq ft factory. More than 70 per cent of its business is still extrusion, but it is taking steps towards growing its supply of printed products.

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