Sidel’s eco bottle wins top award

Sidel’s eco-packaging has won the World Food Innovation Award (WFIA)’s top prize for Best Drink Packaging Design. The packaging company’s AYA water bottle design was selected for its ‘end-to-end’ sustainability.

AYA is a 220ml water bottle with a V-shape design. It is light in weight (weighing just 5g) and made from 100 per cent rPET preforms. The bottle also features a snap-on tethered cap, to reduce plastics pollution further.

Meanwhile, brand names, logos and legally required information can be engraved in relief onto the bottle. This eliminates the need for a label, again to reduce waste and also to facilitate PET bottle sorting and recycling.

AYA has been designed with an articulated shoulder featuring three stable positions thanks to a Sidel packaging solution called Swing shoulder. After the blow moulding process, the bottle shoulder remains in an intermediary deployed position. After filling and capping, a mechanical pressure is applied on the shoulder to move it down and create the final V-shape. As it is slightly pressurised, the bottle bulk is reduced, while at the same time its resistance throughout the supply chain is enhanced.

According to Sidel, a deployed shoulder position enlarges the volume and avoids any droppage when opening. AYA also features a deep base design to allow the bottles to be stacked in a way that reduces height, improves storage volume and enables easy transportation.

“With sustainability constantly on our minds, we look at packaging and equipment from a 360-degree perspective,” said Laurent Lepoitevin, packaging design engineer at Sidel. “Naturally, we applied this ‘end to end’ approach also to the AYA concept.

“Not only do we always take primary, secondary and tertiary packaging as well as their interaction with the equipment in the factory into account when designing new concepts, we also consider all the impacts they create upstream and downstream in the entire value chain – always aiming to deliver the most sustainable packaging solutions onto the shelves and to the consumers.”

WFIA winners are judged by a panel of 14 industry experts. Sidel named its eco-packaging AYA in reference to a deity of ancient Mesopotamia, also known as Ea or Enki, who was considered the master of groundwater.