Sidel has collaborated in a new ‘spiral’ PET bottle project with The Coca-Cola Company on
a PET package for the Fanta brand.

The design by Drink Works is claimed to be a ‘rule-breaker’ in terms of bottle design for
carbonated soft drinks. It features a spiral, inspired by the twisting of an orange to release its juice, and is based on a series of ribs decorated with small bubbles, including a torsion in the bottom half. This spiral gives the Fanta bottle an unusual, asymmetric structure which was said to present a challenge in terms of developing a container able to withstand deformation and stability issues.

Gregory Bentley, Coca-Cola packaging engineer in charge of global project coordination,
said: “By embedding the supplier’s knowledge and experience from the very first steps of
this journey, we have ensured viable bottle forming, filling and performance. The new bottle shape required precise understanding of how PET behaves under pressure, particularly with regard to how the carbonation of the beverage can potentially deform the bottle sections, which could lead to the drink spilling. Just like its predecessor, the new bottle was to be produced to be 100 per cent recyclable.”

The bottle shape has been deployed for the whole Fanta brand and it is now available for
50cl, 1, 1.5 and 2 litre formats.