Sepack is coordinating the construction of three production lines for a major Italian coffee roaster, with Spreafico involved in the engineering stage and in the delivery of filling machines.

The project includes all stages of the production, from the processing to the secondary packaging. The plants will also allow for several customisation options for the packaging of most major capsule formats.

The first plant is fitted to work on barrier-coated capsules, creating a product mainly designed for the needs of the national market and large supermarket chains and the vending channel. The second plant is specialised in the manufacture of ‘Nespresso’ type capsules, whilst the third plant is to produce ‘Dolce Gusto’ type capsules.

Italy-based Sepack works together with automatic machine manufacturers in order to offer turnkey solutions for the filling and packaging of food and pharmaceutical products, with a specific know-how in the field of coffee. Spreafico, also based in Italy, specialises in the design and marketing of solutions for the capsule packaging of coffee and other soluble products.