A sports cap developed by RPC Massmould and RPC Astra Plastique is said to provide improved consumer convenience, product safety, and contemporary design.

The Secure Flip features one-handed opening by using an ergonomically designed thumb tab. The tamper-evident band within the closure breaks on first opening. The consumer is then allowed access to the cap that opens to a stable 180 degrees. An audible click confirms that it is either fully open or re-closed.

Unlike some sports caps with detachable tabs that have to be thrown away, both parts of the Secure Flip tamper-evident band are retained within the closure.

A second tamper-evident Tuck Under Band on the base of the closure provides a visual indication that the bottle has been opened. This helps create effective tamper evident for light-weight neck finishes, as well as optimising efficiency on filling lines. The Triskeles, a three-legged feature within the mouth of the closure acts as a barrier to contamination.

RPC Massmould’s manufacturing mechanism moulds the Secure Flip closure body in the closed position, allowing it to incorporate an IP protected hinge for a more compact overall design and enhanced aesthetics on-shelf.

Secure Flip is current available in 29.25 and 18.81 neck finishes and can be customised for particular brands and products.

More information from RPC Masssmould, Maulden Road, Flitwick, Bedfordshire MK45 5BZ, UK. Tel: 44 1933 416 528. Email: enquiries@rpc-group.com. Web: rpc-group.com