The GT6ex Twin tray sealer from Proseal is capable of sealing up to 100 vacuum sealed packs per minute and features the company’s ‘e’ technology, which enables food manufacturers to offer every major type of tray sealing format including atmospheric seal, MAP (gas flush), Vacuum MAP, skin, skin plus and skin deep, on the same machine.

These types of tray sealing technologies can be added or removed at any time, enabling customers to future-proof their investment by giving them the flexibility to change pack formats in line with customer requirements and market trends, without having to purchase new equipment.

It also features Pro-Motion, which speeds up the in-feed of trays to the sealer, using following motion and intelligent buffering technology to enable the trays to feed

in continuously. An auto-detect product flow monitoring system regulates the speed of the infeed conveyor according to the amount of trays being supplied.

Furthermore, its Pro-Tect feature is an advanced contactless user login that provides each authorised operator of the machine with his or her own access. The system also keeps a log of information for full traceability.

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