Rapid Granulator has introduced a range of granulators that are designed for the in-line processing of scrap waste from sheet and film thermoforming lines.

The patent-pending ThermoPro series is available in a number of standard and low-built formats for handling scrap widths between 600mm and 1,500mm. Additional features include a double-scissor cutting action for fast production changeovers, a module construction that allows ease of maintenance and access by the operator, and a mineral composite base for stability and low noise.

Additionally, the company says it comes with low operating costs. Chief executive Bengt Rimark said: “Skeletal waste can easily account for up to 30-40 per cent of their total throughput, so it is critical that the trimmed material is returned to the process and cost-effectively as possible.”

The series has been designed to work around the clock with continuously running thermoforming operations. Therefore, feeding material constantly is also essential, explained Rimark.

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