Schweppes Suntory has signed a ‘Time & Material’ contract with the Sidel Group to maintain equipment at its plant in Seville, Spain. The agreement covers the latter’s provision of tailored preventive maintenance for this producer’s aseptic filler, along with a capper and cap feeder.

The machinery is used for the bottling of Sunny Delight, a soft drink produced in different formats and flavours, in PET and the contract ensures that a range of pre-determined related site activities are undertaken by Sidel experts on the Schweppes Suntory equipment (“Time”) and a list of agreed-upon spare parts is provided after every 3,000 hours of production (“Material”).

All maintenance work is undertaken on-site by a Sidel team under the guidance of a Sidel supervisor, who manages all activities. The ‘Time & Material’ agreement with Sidel also covers the provision of 24/7 hotline assistance, as well as 24/7 on-time, in-full, worldwide delivery of spare parts – designed, tested and certified by Sidel experts – for both scheduled and emergency maintenance, for maximum production uptime.

Sidel’s aftersales manager Giovanni Giberti said: “As we understand our customers’ market, value chains, asset and product portfolio, we can provide a dedicated core team on-site, who executes maintenance activities in collaboration with the customer’s team, for production optimisation and maximised performance.”

The Sidel equipment installed in Seville is used to produce six ranges of Sunny Delight soft drink in different flavours and various bottle formats (from 5cl up to 1.5-litre), totalling 25 SKUs.