Salmon gets a new skin

Danish seafood processor Vega Salmon is an early adopter of the FlatSkin packaging system, which combines the skin packaging system with a plastics reduction of up to 75 per cent, for its hot-smoked salmon products.

Instead of typical plastics skin trays, Sealpac’s FlatSkin system uses cardboard carriers, while some manufacturers may decide to dispose of the cardboard sleeve altogether. A transparent barrier skin film fixes the product directly onto the flat cardboard carrier, which has been coated with a polymeric protective layer.

Once the product is consumed, the thin polymeric layer, which provides a barrier against grease, moisture and oxygen, can be removed from the cardboard to allow for separate disposal.

FlatSkin is suitable for a range of product segments, including fresh meat, cheese, poultry and seafood. Vega Salmon’s products are manufactured on a Sealpac A10 traysealer with 8-impression tooling for cardboard carriers.

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