The ThinPAK-Series hot runner has been launched by Mold-Masters and targeted at high-pressure applications such as thin-wall packaging.

The ThinPAK-Series has the strength and durability to mould reliably even in high-pressure applications up to 2,800-bar (40 per cent higher than standard Mold-Masters manifold designs), says the company. This is achieved with a robust gate seal and cut-out designed to withstand the high pressures.

The nozzles feature balanced thermal profiles for improved process control and the gate seals are serviceable from the parting line. It also has a larger contact area. The design is also said to extend service intervals by up to three times.

The hot runner was demonstrated at the recent Fakuma show in Germany alongside the company’s Sequential Electric Valve Gate (SeVG+) control, which was showcased with the debut of iMFLUX technology on a Milacron injection moulding machine. The Milacron Elektron EVO and iMFLUX work cell has a Mold-Masters Master-Series hot-runner system with servo-electric valve actuators and a TempMaster SeVG+ controller with integrated temperature and valve actuator controls.

Each valve pin is connected to an individual servo-motor, which enables complete, on-the-fly adjustment of pin position, stroke, speed, protrusion, timing and sequence.

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