Multivac’s H 052 is a two-axis robot that can be completely integrated into a thermoforming machine. The handling module can be matched flexibly to a wide range of products and finished packs with weights of up to 4kg. It also automates the loading, removing and converging of packs in packaging lines.

With a standard cycle output of 25 and a standard operating range of 200mm by 800mm, the robot can be extended as an option.

The propulsion unit is equipped with a gripper which, depending on the particular product, weight and pack format, can have a multi-channel design. As an option, the module can also be equipped with a fixed pivoting or turning range.

Two variants of the H 052 are available for loading pack cavities with product: either in the running direction of the thermoforming machine or at right angles to it.

If the thermoforming machine is equipped with a cutter, the H 052 can be used for converging the packs from the cutting tool. The gripper locates the packs during the cutting process, removes them directly and completely from the cutting tool and then places the packs on a discharge conveyor.

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