Riverdale Global is offering multiple liquid UV stabilisers for use with a range of resins.

The +Shield Light stabilisers are claimed to make lower and more precise dosing than pellet masterbatch and are said to disperse more uniformly in the polymer melt.

They come in liquid form, with Riverdale saying that they provide lower additive costs than pellet masterbatch and improved end-product quality.

Available in seven standard grades for use in injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion, they are recommended for use with polyolefins, styrenics, PET, TPEs, and engineering thermoplastics. Four of the grades are FDA-approved, and two of these can also be used as UV absorbers in packaging applications.

Charles Irish, vice president of product development, commented: “The economic and product-quality advantages of +Shield light stabilisers over pellet masterbatch result from the lower and more precise dosing made possible by their liquid form and their improved rate of dispersion in the polymer.”

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