Young German company CMJ Kunststofftechnik has taken advantage of a new rental service from Krauss-Maffei to enable it to keep up with state-of-the-art technology.

CMJ’s managing director, Christoph Eder, has leased the new all-electric PX 80-380, with clamping force of 800kN, from Krauss-Maffei for an initial three-year period – as part of the machinery maker’s Rent-it business model. This is said to allow CMJ to offer its customers the best production opportunities on affordable terms.

At the end of the lease period CMJ can then decide whether to extend the contract, keep the machine or sign a Rent-it contract for a new machine. The company may also want to change to a greater clamping force or book additional technical options at the end of the lease.

Krauss-Maffei’s PX 80 replaces an old hydraulic injection moulding machine at CMJ, which  expects the energy savings to represent a fast pay-back on investment.

Said Eder: “We often receive orders lasting just a few years. If we purchase a new machine for this purpose, we must then utilise it to its full capacity. With the Rent-it model, we can flexibly hire the production capacity only for the required period.”

The monthly Rent-it fee covers everything that can occur during the life of the machine used in production and constitutes a fixed cost for the customer. This ensures that CMJ can financially plan its costs and prices accordingly.

For the Rent-it model, Krauss-Maffei is working with a global leasing company and offers two packages, one of which is for larger volumes and can involve premature return or contract extension. If the machine is returned to Krauss-Maffei after the contract period, the company has a cooperation with used machinery specialist Gindumac.

CMJ’s Eder confirmed that there is space at the factory for additional injection moulding machines.

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