Gamma Meccanica has developed a water ring vacuum pump for the degassing system of its Tandem recycling line, which is designed to save water and reduce costs.

The degassing works thanks to the constant introduction of water, which enables the creation of a vacuum to extract the gases produced during material extrusion. The water is also used to remove contaminants from the material.

The pump allows for a closed circuit whereby the water is continuously used rather than being dispersed. It passes through a decantation chamber, is filtered, cooled and then returned to circulation. The water saving on a regeneration line with a production of 1,500-1,700kg per hour is about five cubic metres an hour.

The Italian firm’s Tandem technology involves two extruders arranged in succession, which offer the possibility of a double extrusion and filtration to improve final product quality. The degassing chamber enables material to be exposed to a vacuum ten times greater than others on the market, claims Gamma Meccanica.

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