Rapid Granulator’s Raptor Series is a set of shredders with modularly designed units that are said to feature a world-first ‘open-hearted’ design.

This design is said to enable quick and direct access to the shredder rotor and cutter chamber, simplifying the cleaning and service process. The front door, hinged on the side, provides unrestricted access to the rotor and to the screen, which is mounted in the door. Once the front door is open, the shredder hopper mounted on a rear hinge can be tilted back.

Rapid’s chief executive Bengt Rimark said: “The Raptor Series is a shredder and granulator hybrid with the shredder’s heavy-duty cutting technology combined with granulator features such as Rapid’s ‘open hearted’ design that makes it super-easy to operate, service and clean. The Raptor Series has been developed with 100 per cent focus on every single detail that is of importance for plastics processors, in order to create simplicity and a minimum cost of ownership.

“As we develop and manufacture both granulators and shredders, we make sure that the machines are tailored for each other and that we can provide complete recycling systems, direct from Rapid.”

The Swedish company offers 36 configurations in the range to handle various customer applications. The modular systems feature two diameters and two widths (31.5 and 53inch/800mm and 1,350mm).

More information from Rapid Granulator AB, Industrivägen 4, 330 10 Bredaryd, Sweden. Tel: 46 370 865 00. Email: info@rapidgranulator.se. Web: www.rapidgranulator.com