QR codes offer baby formula transparency

Danone has developed a new digitally-enabled service for its baby formula, offering consumers greater transparency on the “farm-to-fork” journey of its baby formula brands including Aptamil, Karicare, Laboratoire Gallia and Nutrilon.

Shoppers will access the company’s Track & Connect service via their smartphones by scanning two QR codes on baby formula packs. One QR code will be laser printed on the outer pack and the second QR code will be laser printed behind a tamper-resistant seal, which can only be scanned after purchase.

The outer QR code will give consumers access to a brand page containing verified information such as where and when the formula was manufactured and the product’s journey through the supply chain. The inner code will trigger a one-time, initial message verifying the product is authentic.

In the future, the inner QR code will also offer consumers health and nutrition apps and information, ‘how to’ parenting videos and access to customer helplines or online e-commerce services.

Meanwhile, the Track & Connect service, which is powered by blockchain, serialization and aggregation technology, will also allow Danone and its distributors and retailers to more easily forecast consumer demand and consumer preferences.

Danone is initially launching its baby formula Track & Connect service in China for its
Aptamil and Nutrilon brands. The company then plans to roll out the service in France for its Laboratoire Gallia brand, and in Germany, Australia and New Zealand for its
Aptamil and Karicare brands.

“Thanks to this innovation in packaging and data management, we’ll be able to offer one of the most comprehensive traceability services in the baby formula industry and connect more closely to our consumers and retailers to offer them after sales services they value,” said David Boulanger, senior vice president, operations at Danone Specialized Nutrition.