Qimarox stretches product range

A standard stretch hood machine has been added to the Qimarox range of material handling components, with the Dutch firm claiming that without power-heavy technologies such as pneumatics and hydraulics the Highrunner mk7 reduces energy consumption costs by up to €3,500 ($3,770) a year.

As with the previously-introduced ring wrapper, this packaging machine can also be integrated with the palletising module in a complete system.

It is a modular, serially-produced palletising module that can swiftly stack final packages of various shapes and sizes on pallets. It now also allows system partners of Qimarox to supply complete systems for both palletising and packaging.

More information from Qimarox, Nobelstraat 43, 3846 CE Harderwijk, The Netherlands. Tel: 31 341 436 700. Email: [email protected] Web: www.qimarox.com.